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Pakistan Resources Development Services (Pvt) Limited (PRDS) is playing a major role to introduce most recent technologies to its valued clients. PRDS was established in 1994, with an objective to market and support the state - of - the - art Geographic Information System (GIS) software products developed by Environmental System Research Institute, Inc (ESRI) in Pakistan.

PRDS for complete GIS solution represent companies like ERDAS for image processing and Space Imaging Europe for IKANOS one meter ground resolution Imagery for Pakistan. All mentioned products are fully supported from training to commissioning at PRDS platform.
PRDS Services ranging from short-term implementation support for GIS to a large digital data- base and detailed programming including:

   1. System Design and Engineering
   2. Conceptual database design
   3. Physical database design
   4. Hardware Configuration
   5. Data Collection
   6. Data Interpretation i) Scanning and Digitizing ii) Format Conversion
   7. Procedure Development
   8. Pilot Project
   9. Turn key GIS database
  10. Project & Technical Management

PRDS is committed to provide total GIS services with full turnkey solution to its valued clients. From its in house resources as mentioned earlier, following are some of the PRDS services to GIS implementation.
1. For Raster base GIS we can provide

   1. Proximity Analysis
   2. Contiguity Analysis
   3. Neighborhood Analysis
   4. Matrix Analysis

For Image processing we can provide the following area of services to your extreme needs.

   1. Radio Metric correction
   2. Atmospheric effect correction
   3. Radio Metric Enhancement
   4. Special Enhancement
   5. Spectral Enhancement
   6. Radar Imagery Enhancement
   7. Image Classification
   8. Evaluation Signatures
   9. Image Ratification
  10. Change Detection
  11. Terrain Analysis
  12. Producing Digital Elevation Models (DEM) from Stereo pairs of satellite imagery.

It would be worth while to mention here that PRDS is the only organization which acquire the full range of software & hardware equipments to create and support the complete range of base mapping facilities. At present PRDS has more than 50 high end PC all linked through network and Mini silicon graphic computer working on both DOS & UNIX operating systems. PRDS has the state of the art MOSS system, Auto CAD and high - tech Arc/Info facilities for producing quality services to its end users. From its in house resources, have Arc/Info GIS software for base mapping, which have the ability to create thousand of maps describing situations and conditions around the world including changing patterns of vegetation, electrical power network, crime, earthquakes, oil resources, forest pests, geology, political boundaries, water resources, urban and regional planning, population display, hazardous waste generation, petroleum information, regional planning information, environmental impact assessment etc. GIS base maps and images can be used in various types of media too, which includes posters, video, slides and color overheads project presentation.

PRDS Services staff uses the latest tools available and through the application design, prototype development and implementation process, PRDS'S programmers work closely with clients to define and understand the problem and then meet their needs

From the review of our credits, you will appreciate that PRDS has the track record, talent, resource and professional commitment to undertake projects in the most professional way.



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