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o University and Community Colleges

GIS technology is one of the hottest new research tools in academia today and one of the fastest growing high-tech careers for students. GIS technology provides powerful tools for geographic analysis for almost any academic discipline. A GIS allows students and researchers to ask and answer geographic questions by designing and analyzing maps using user-selected criteria.

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Software Licensing Solutions for Educational Institutions

The primary goals are to create a more spatially literate society and support the needs of an ever-growing technological workforce. To make this happen, GIS software and data is available with special licensing options for educational institutions at affordable prices. Educational pricing is available to accredited colleges and universities as well as their faculty, staff and students (full- or half-time).

Geography Matters to Schools, Libraries, and Other Neat Places

Geography is part of our everyday lives. It's part of our neighborhood, our nation, our planet. It's part of the things we come in contact with everyday--weather, traffic, the quality of our water and land, the economy. Often overlooked because we see it constantly, geography is everywhere.

o Civil Engineering

ArcGIS is the industry standard for creating, managing, analyzing, and displaying geographic information. ArcGIS is also recognized by today's civil engineers as the intelligent choice for work in site development, hydraulics, hydrology, surveying, transportation, planning, public works, and homeland security. ArcGIS provides the rich set of database and spatial tools needed to manage your civil information for design, modeling, and maintenance.

ArcGIS takes data that may originate from many different sources and file formats and integrates them into a single applications platform to support your complex civil engineering work flows. ArcGIS provides the most advanced and easy-to-use GIS editing and data creation tools available.

These editing tools provide powerful snapping, user-defined range value constraints, user-defined connectivity rules, and other quality assurance features. Data can be created easily, intuitively, and correctly the first time in both 2D and 3D environments.

o Surveyor
Measurement & Location—the Science of Surveyors Surveyors and engineers understand the importance of geographic data. Surveyors use precise instruments, procedures, and computations to accurately locate and define geographic features while conducting field surveys that range from cadastral to engineering construction layout. Engineers design and build structures and infrastructures on geography measured by surveyors.

Geographic Information Systems

A GIS provides tools to help surveyors integrate a variety of data sources and types, maintain and manage inventories, visualize data and related information using dynamic maps, make decisions about resource management, and perform modeling and analysis. The expansion of GIS technology has led to the development of new tools created specifically for surveyors and engineers.

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