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The recent and widespread introduction of the GIS has created a sudden need for the user of geographic information to become knowledgeable about this technology. This has been realized by the PRDS since many years back, as the sole distributors and training provider of various GIS products of the world leading products like Telvent Miner & Miner and ESRI. In this connection, PRDS has planned to organize several courses in GIS and related field. These courses will basically focus on the conceptual framework and hands-on practicing techniques by using the latest versions of the state-of-the-art ESRI Software. The fundamental theme of the course is to train the participants both in handling the raster and vector data format for GIS development. This will be conducted under the supervision of foreign qualified and ESRI certified instructors already trained in the GIS technology. Moreover, each theoretical concept will be supplemented by the hands-on practice and computer exercises, which certainly would inculcate the appropriate knowledge of the technology to the participants. These courses will evolve around three basic concepts of GIS, i.e., RASTER, VECTOR AND DATABASE INTEGRATION

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