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Address Coder


Address Coder is stand-alone software that enables organizations with U.S. address lists to view the locations of their customers on a map or group them by geographic location, demographic characteristics, or consumer type for targeted marketing.

Address Coder can geocode U.S. addresses and append latitude-longitude, FIPS codes, and ESRI's demographic and Tapestry Segmentation data to each record. Use this affordable, stand-alone software to geocode your large U.S. address lists in single or batch mode for marketing, direct mail, and notification campaigns.

With Address Coder, you can

  • Assign geographic codes to address records to verify the exact locations of your customers and prospects.
  • Identify target audiences and markets by their demographics, spending habits, and geographic locations.
  • Raise direct mail response rates by mailing only to your most profitable customers and prospects and avoiding areas with little opportunity.
  • Target messages by consumer segment to attract more customers and prospects.

These are just a few ways that Address Coder can help you locate, segment, and target your address lists.

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