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PLTS for ArcGIS—Nautical Solution


PLTS for ArcGIS—Nautical Solution, an extension to ArcGIS, is a complete solution for high-volume nautical chart production. It allows you to create, analyze, and maintain data integrity that meets nautical industry and hydrographic standards and specifications.

With Nautical Solution, you can

  • Significantly reduce production time for electronic, hard-copy, and raster navigational products.
  • Maintain quality control and compliance with nautical and hydrographic standards.
  • Manage complex classifications for symbols, labels, and chart elements, including oceanographic, meteorological, and defense specifications, via database-driven cartography.
  • Enhance the quality of your data through IHO S-58 validation checks and built-in rule-based editing, allowing you to maintain features in a historical archive.
  • Support true "one-feature, one-time" edits through conflation of navigational aids and other point objects.
  • Leverage an enterprise GIS through a multiuser, versioned workflow management system.
  • Employ a service-oriented architecture for product deployment and data dissemination.
  • Facilitate streamlined workflows through standardized assignment, execution, monitoring, and reporting of ENC and chart production activities.

See success stories from organizations like yours that are improving operations and expanding their opportunities by making a secure investment in this solution.

sample electronic navigational chart

Sample Electronic Navigational Chart (ENC) Produced Using PLTS for ArcGIS—Nautical Solution

sample paper chart

Sample Paper Chart Generated Using PLTS for ArcGIS—Nautical Solution

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