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ArcGIS for Situational Awareness


ESRI Situational Awareness is a ready-to-operate hardware, software, and data solution that provides a geospatial framework for immediate and long-term situational awareness needs. It includes a powerful data fusion and analysis engine; a set of fully customizable clients for data visualization and analysis; and locally hosted, prerendered data. Because ESRI Situational Awareness is based on core ESRI server technology, it easily integrates with existing GIS and IT infrastructures to provide a common operational picture (COP) across multiple organizations.

With ESRI Situational Awareness, you can

  • Respond quickly to events with geospatial capabilities for more efficient and effective operations.
  • Fuse complex, disparate datasets and operational data with geospatial layers to provide decision makers, analysts, and operators with a uniform operating environment.
  • Collaborate and communicate across multiple organizationsusing Web-enabled browsers and mapping services.
  • Publish map documents, cartographic products, models, geoprocesses, analyses, and Web services.
  • Ensure reliable and robust interoperability with geospatial applications, network architectures, and enterprise services that follow OGC and ISO standards, such as KML and WMS.
  • Customize viewers and visualization tools to fit your specific needs and requirements.
  • Utilize commercial or publicly available datasets.
  • Integrate your data models, analyses, and geoprocesses to accommodate your processes and workflows.
Operational Picture Viewer

Common Operational Picture Viewer

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