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ArcGIS Extensions


Extension products let you add more capabilities to ArcGIS Desktop. These specialized tools allow you to perform extended tasks such as raster geoprocessing, three-dimensional analysis, and map publishing.

Read more about ArcGIS Desktop extensions[PDF].

Analysis Key Benefits
Note: Unless noted, extensions can be used with ArcInfo, ArcEditor, and ArcView.
*Requires ArcEditor or ArcInfo
ArcGIS 3D Analyst Analyze your data in a realistic perspective.
ArcGIS Geostatistical Analyst Use advanced statistical tools to investigate your data.
ArcGIS Network Analyst Perform sophisticated routing, closest facility, and service area analysis.
ArcGIS Schematics Represent and understand your networks to shorten decision cycles.
ArcGIS Spatial Analyst Derive answers from your data using advanced spatial analysis.
ArcGIS Survey Analyst Centrally locate, process, and manage your survey and cadastral data.
ArcGIS Tracking Analyst Reveal and analyze time-based patterns and trends in your data.
Productivity Key Benefits
ArcGIS Data Interoperability Eliminate barriers to data use and distribution.
ArcGIS Publisher Freely share your maps and data with a wide range of users.
ArcScan for ArcGIS
(included with ArcInfo and ArcEditor 9.1 and higher)
Increase efficiency and speed up raster-to-vector data conversion time.
Maplex for ArcGIS
(included with ArcInfo 9.1 and higher)
Create maps that communicate more clearly with automatically positioned text and labels.
GIS Data ReViewer Use tools for data quality control management.
Job Tracking for ArcGIS (JTX)* Standardize and streamline your personal, departmental, and organizational workflows.
Solution Based Key Benefits
ArcGIS Defense Solutions
(includes ArcGIS Military Analyst, Grid Manager, and MOLE)
Create workflows, processes, and symbology to support defense and intelligence planning.
PLTS for ArcGIS—Aeronautical Solution* This is a complete solution to efficiently manage aeronautical information.
PLTS for ArcGIS—Defense Solution* This complete solution helps efficiently manage military specification-compliant products.
PLTS for ArcGIS—Mapping Agency Solution* This is a complete solution for high-volume topographic map production.
PLTS for ArcGIS—Nautical Solution* This is a complete solution for high-volume nautical chart database production.
PLTS for ArcGIS—Foundation* This is a complete solution for high-volume map production that gives you the ability to apply your unique business specifications to rule-based editing.

These free add-ons provide special tools for specific tasks. You can download them directly to your desktop and begin using them right away.

No-Cost Add-ons Key Benefits
Quickly create features in ArcGIS with easy-to-use sketch tools.
Districting for ArcGIS
Create defined groupings of geographic data, such as census tracts, ZIP Codes, and precincts, by creating a districting plan.
Geodatabase Toolset (GDBT)
Manage your scalable geodatabases with diagnostic performance tools.
Geoportal Extension Clients
Catalog geospatial resources within an enterprise and provide quick access to those resources regardless of location or type.
Create, view, use, and manage connections to OLAP databases in ArcGIS Desktop.
U.S. National Grid Tools for ArcGIS
Support disaster relief and search and rescue with a coordinate system that can be standardized across agencies.
WMC Client
Open Web Map Context (WMC) files directly in ArcMap.

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