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ArcGIS Server Image Extension


The Image extension broadens the capabilities of ArcGIS Server by enabling dynamic mosaicking and on-the-fly processing for large numbers of images. The ArcGIS Server Image extension maximizes the value of your imagery through simplified data management, maintenance, and faster access times, making the full information content of your imagery accessible.

The ArcGIS Server Image extension provides the following benefits:

  • Tremendously simplifies image management by allowing users to directly publish large image collections without preprocessing
  • Dynamically mosaicks together images in different projections, formats, locations, and pixel sizes
  • Fast, server-based processing, enabling on-the-fly creation of multiple image products from a single source
  • Provides important service- and image-level metadata
  • Effortless distribution serving very large volumes and numbers of rasters to a large range of client applications

Note: At ArcGIS 9.3, ArcGIS Image Server became available as an extension to ArcGIS Server and is now known as the ArcGIS Server Image extension. The ArcGIS Server Image extension is available for ArcGIS Server Standard and Advanced editions.

ArcGIS Server Image Extension - Image Distribution

ArcGIS Server Image Extension - Image Processing

Serve multiple representations of imagery processed on the fly.

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