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ArcGIS Survey Analyst


ArcGIS Survey Analyst is an ArcGIS Desktop extension for GIS professionals who maintain parcel data in ArcGIS. With this application, measurement-based land records are efficiently used to maintain parcels and related features, supporting a single standard of absolute and relative accuracy across all your GIS data. GIS professionals use ArcGIS Survey Analyst to capture, edit, and leverage land records using proven survey methodologies.

ArcGIS Survey Analyst implements a dataset targeted for parcel professionals called a Cadastral Fabric and a new workflow calledCadastral Editor.

With ArcGIS Survey Analyst, you can

  • Manage the integrity of parcel data (including record information from deeds and survey plans) in a cadastral fabric dataset. The fabric delivers a seamless coverage of your parcel boundaries and associated survey control free of gaps and overlaps.
  • Work with coordinate geometry (COGO) tools that use survey records. Track the history of all parcel edits.
  • Use least squares adjustment to incrementally update your parcel fabric with each new survey plan. In parallel, adjust related GIS layers such as utility networks, building footprints, and roads and easements.
  • Integrate survey measurements into a GIS database using field observations and survey data collector files.
  • Manage and process survey data with a set of comprehensive tools.
  • Store survey measurements, points, and computations in a GIS database for future analysis and reuse.
  • Perform survey computations such as traverse and least squares adjustments using the original raw observations.

These are just a few of the ways ArcGIS Survey Analyst can help surveyors and GIS professionals gain the advantage of a new workflow for managing cadastral data.

Request a 60-day trial to see how ArcGIS Survey Analyst can help you.

Import, manage, and analyze survey data.

Import, manage, and analyze survey data.

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