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ArcLogistics Navigator is a GPS-guided in-vehicle navigation product that helps mobile professionals stay on route and on schedule. ArcLogistics Navigator is designed specifically for fleets and mobile workforce applications and can be integrated with ESRI's routing and mobile products to create scalable logistics solutions.

ArcLogistics Navigator helps your drivers minimize missed turns, reduce mileage, and shorten drive times by providing audible, turn-by-turn directions. ArcLogistics Navigator constantly updates the vehicle's location on the on-screen map, which helps you prevent late arrivals and lost drivers.

With ArcLogistics Navigator, you can

  • Reduce fuel consumption, avoid unnecessary vehicle wear and tear, and improve customer service.
  • Increase cost savings by ensuring that drivers stay on route.
  • Enable drivers to meet critical time windows.

ArcLogistics Navigator operates differently than consumer, off-the-shelf GPS products. You can send preoptimized routes and sequenced stops, with data about each stop, to devices running ArcLogistics Navigator directly from ESRI's routing products.

The driver is guided to each stop along the preoptimized route while continuing to honor all the logistics-specific restrictions and business rules established in the route plan. The route plan can be created with ESRI products such as ArcLogistics 9.3, ArcGIS Network Analyst, and ArcGIS Server with the Network extension.

  • Honor logistics-specific road attributes such as one-way streets, curb approach, and height requirements.
  • Automatically reroute to optimized routes if vehicles go off course.
  • Integrate with ESRI's routing and mobile products to create logistics solutions that scale from small fleets to large enterprise operations.
Use ArcLogistics Navigator on Tablet PCs and devices running Windows Mobile.

Use ArcLogistics Navigator on Tablet PCs and devices running Windows Mobile.

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