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ArcScan for ArcGIS


ArcScan for ArcGIS is an extension to ArcGIS Desktop that provides a comprehensive and easy-to-use set of tools for raster-to-vector conversion.

Significantly minimize your postprocessing work by using the automatic vectorization capabilities within ArcScan for ArcGIS to create vector features from the entire image or by interactively vectorizing selected areas.

With ArcScan for ArcGIS, you can

  • Automate the conversion of scanned paper maps to vector form.
  • Reduce the time and expense of creating GIS data.
  • Create shapefile or geodatabase line and polygon featuresdirectly from raster images.
  • Eliminate the need to tediously digitize data by hand.
  • Easily clean up scanned maps and prepare images for vectorization with simple raster editing.

ArcScan for ArcGIS is an extension that appeals to a wide range of organizations that perform data automation, including

  • Government agencies and counties with parcel or town planning maps
  • Utilities that map water, gas, and electrical facilities
  • Natural resources agencies that create forestry or agricultural stands, soils, geology, and hydrology maps

These are just a few of the ways ArcScan for ArcGIS can help your organization. See how people are using ArcScan for ArcGIS to convert their data in a faster and easier manner.

Note: With the release of ArcGIS 9.3.1, the functionality of ArcScan is included in ArcEditor and ArcInfo.

ArcScan for ArcGIS Vectorization

Use ArcScan for ArcGIS to easily convert your raster features into vector data.

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