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ArcFM Server

ArcFM Server

ArcFM Server

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Today’s utility information technology (IT) environment requires solutions that can support multi-disciplinary requests and be available in distributed locations. Telvent’s ArcFM™ Server provides the key components for addressing these IT requirements for electric, gas, and water/wastewater utilities.

Complements ArcFM Solution, Supplements ArcGIS Server

ArcFM Server allows spatial enablement of ArcFM Solution, to provide an enterprise utility GIS. ArcFM Server consists of four components:


  • ArcFM Viewer for ArcGIS Server - an out-of-the-box web viewing application for viewing and analyzing utility GIS data in a web environment

  • Out-of-the-box ArcFM Server tasks and tools - including tracing, bookmarks, and ArcFM identity tools, integrate with ArcGIS Server’s Web ADF (Manager); they are added selectively, allowing a GIS Administrator to rapidly build utility-specific web applications without writing any code

  • ArcFM Server developer kit - a rich set of development tools that allows a developer to extend the viewing functionality and access ArcFM’s framework of editing and business rule enforcement objects, including ArcFM Properties, ArcFM AutoUpdaters, ArcFM Model Names, and ArcFM GeoObjects

  • ArcFM Web Services - key components to supporting a service-oriented architecture (SOA) within business operations

More Data Available to More People

ArcFM Server web services enable GIS information to be accessed across multiple departments within an organization by both traditional GIS clients and non-traditional clients in a variety of environments, including: web browsers, PDAs, smart phones and ‘thick-clients’ such as ArcMap or ArcEngine – all with one license.

ArcFM Server

ArcFM Server Editions

The two editions of ArcFM Server (Standard and Advanced) correlate with ESRI’s ArcGIS Server editions and are defined by their functionality:


  • Standard - provides utilities the ability to view and query ArcFM information from a centralized server environment. This edition features an out-of-the-box viewing application, out-of-the-box task and tools, and a software developer kit for developing custom web applications.

  • Advanced - ArcFM Server Advanced Edition provides utilities the ability to edit an ArcFM geodatabase from a centralized server environment. ArcFM Server Advanced Edition features a software developer kit (SDK) for creating web based applications that access the ArcFM editing framework and supports the ArcGIS Mobile functionality.


ArcFM Server Tasks

All tracing results are available in the Attribute Viewer or are displayed on the map, where the user can define a buffer to highlight results:


  • Electric Traces allows users to trace electric distribution systems – upstream or downstream – and optionally return protective devices. 

  • Gas Traces allows the user to display connected natural gas features in the distribution system as well as trace pressure systems and cathodic protection systems and identify valves and squeeze-off points for the emergency isolation.

  • Water Traces offers a variety of water distribution tracing capabilities such as the ability to trace a pressure system, cathodic protection system and distribution system.


ArcFM Server

ArcFM Server Tools

ArcFM Server offers tools that enhance ArcGIS Server. In addition to the Zoom to Last Extent tool, ArcFM Server provides the following functionality:


  • Identify Tool allows users to click a portion of the map and display information about the features at that location. The identified features are highlighted on the map and displayed in the ArcFM Attribute Viewer.

  • Attribute Viewer permits users to view the attributes associated with the resulting features returned by a task or command. The Attribute Viewer displays the attribute fields with respect to the order and visibility properties configured in the ArcFM geodatabase.

  • Bookmarks Dropdown is populated with the bookmarks saved in a map document that has been published as a map service.
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