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Public Safety
Computer-Aided Dispatch


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The 911 call center at Maui Police Department headquarters uses GIS to locate wireless callers.

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Public Safety Alliance

Get involved with the National Alliance for Public Safety GIS (NAPSG) to find GIS resources for first responders.

Putting spatial intelligence at the fingertips of the 911 dispatcher and field personnel improves the coordination of emergency response within the community.

Using ArcGIS, emergency 911 centers can quickly map incident locations and ensure that police and fire and rescue professionals respond to the right incident at the right time.

Computer-aided dispatch (CAD) solutions [PDF] that integrate GIS help you meet your challenges with

  • Vehicle and/or resource management and tracking
  • Premise history and dispatcher situational awareness
  • Mobile and in-vehicle mapping using remotely accessed data

Success Stories

Learn how computer-aided dispatch organizations benefit from the use of geographic analysis and GIS.

More case studiespodcastsdemos, and books and white papers.

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